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Reach new customers

As one of the largest online ordering platforms, we process thousands of orders daily, and keep growing.

Free marketing & advertising

We promote our restaurants across a variety of media, including email campaigns, Google AdWords, SEO, outdoor advertising, and direct mailers.

Top-rated customer support

Our customer support team, rated the highest in the industry, is ready to help you and your customers 24/7.

Partner fleet of drivers

Looking for drivers? Food Provider partners with third-party delivery services like Dashed to offer hundreds of trained, professional delivery drivers, as well as live order tracking and expedited delivery.

Fast order transmission

Food Provider transmits orders to your restaurants by web, fax, or email. Our support team is immediately alerted to any order transmission issues, and we will quickly follow up with a call.

Online management tools

Our Partner Console lets you make sure your hours, menus, specials, and delivery zones are up to date at all times.


There are no setup fees or monthly charges, and you can cancel anytime. Food Provider operates off of a small commission on each order we send you. Don't pay anything unless we bring you new customers!

Customers love Food Provider

  • Top-rated customer support by phone, text, and email
  • Fast, easy access to any menu (Carrabba's lunch menu, Costco deli menu, Dominos pizza menu, etc.)
  • Custom-tailored restaurant and food recommendations
  • Live order tracking and expedited delivery on Dashed orders
  • Exclusive specials, deals, and discounts
  • Faster and more accurate than calling
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